The Magic of Banking

magic of bankingThe collapse of the international banking & fiat currency system is inevitable.
This aide memoire is to give the interested layman an insight into why.

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A Dinosaur's Guide to Libertarianism

A Dinosaur's Guide to Libertarianism by Godfrey Bloom Outspoken former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has been called a ‘dinosaur’ more times than he cares to remember. Laying bare the failings of the British political establishment, ‘A Dinosaur’s Guide to Libertarianism’ also provides a forum for Bloom to set his sights on the role of the European Union and its ‘politically correct tyranny’ which continues to permeate British society in the 21st century.

Guinea a minute

Guniea a minuteSupposedly controversial politician Godfrey Bloom has created an autobiography in a whimsical style with some homespun and sometimes trenchant views. It will come as no surprise that it is not politically correct. What might be a surprise is it is full of common sense, a commodity so sadly lacking in most modern day politicians. Born in 1949 it covers a fascinating post war period from rationing to obesity.

Billy No Mates

Billy No MatesMr Bloom has had a long and varied career encompassing Financial Services, the Army and Politics. He is one of the few members of the European Parliament anyone has ever heard of, with his speeches receiving over 1 million internet hits. Forthright, amusing and controversial his articles in Public Service Europe Magazine have been both witty and prescient. They are compiled in this anthology. Billy Nomates is an ideal train ride or poolside read