Greetings and thank you for checking this page out. This page is new in 2023 and is meant to cover the recent events and information with respect to COVID-19, Vaccines, Masks, Treatments, etc.

My previous page with all links pre-2023 has been archived here (it still contains a wealth of relevant information you will not find on MSM):

Anyone who satisfies the the criteria (professionally qualified in medicine, virology, immunology, health & mortality statistics or related disciplines & is not dependent on government or big pharma financial support) may offer a rebuttal to any posts on this blog, not more than one thousand words. Indeed such an activity is welcome & encouraged.

I will also take a moment here to promote the only COVID Vaccine Realist GP in the UK – Dr Cartland.
I have used his service and highly recommend him to all that are wide awake to the current health dangers of mRNA vaccines & big pharma.

Thank you for your interest,
Godfrey Bloom


WHO (World Health Organisation)