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My intention with this article to disseminate quality information with respect to Coronavirus/COVID-19 and health in general. There is not much point in recommending  people do more independent research, and not helping them.

Thus, this article will be constantly updated with links to videos, papers and other material that the MSM is simply unwilling to offer to you.


  1. Weekly Government Death Figures From May 2020

    (Download the top file, and switch the tab at the bottom in Excel to “Tab 3 Deaths By Condition”)

  2. Dr Pascal Sacre’s Paper

  3. Dr Reiner Fuellmich Questions Prof. Dolores Cahill On mRNA Vaccine Safety

  4. The PCR False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic

  5. Vitamin D – Not Flu Shots:

  6. Vitamin D

  7. Vitamin D Article By Chris Kresser

  8. COVID-19 Deaths

  9. Pfizer Vaccine

  10. Medical Professonals & The COVID Vaccine

  11. Vaccine Monitoring

  12. Ex-Pfizer Doctor Calls For A Halt To Vaccine

  13. Swine Flu

  14. COVID-19 Politicisation

  15. Vitamin D & Multiple Sclerosis

  16. NHS Insider

  17. Why A COVID-19 Vaccine Won’t Save The World

  18. Scientists Publish A Paper Saying PCR Tests Are Useless

  19. Masks: Cloth V Medical

  20. NHS Insider #2

  21. COVID Vaccine

  22. Does The Covid-19 Coronavirus Really Exist?

  23. Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread COVID-19

  24. Coronavirus: The Big ‘Ifs’

  25. Unz Review

  26. Ivor Cummings

  27. Doctors Worldwide Warn Against The COVID-19 Vaccine

  28. Life Saving COVID Drug

  29. The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetuated On An Unsuspecting Public

  30. Ivor Cummings & Reid Sheftall

  31. Shocking Report On COVID Vaccine Adverse Effects – Roll Out Continues Anyway

  32. COVID-19 Data Is A ‘Travesty’

  33. Epidemiologist At Yale Provides Testimony On Hydroxychloroquine For Treating COVID-19

  34. Several COVID-19 Vaccines Are Made Using Aborted Fetal Cells

  35. Survey Confirms: We’re Killing Ourselves It’s A Lifestyle/Dietary Disease Vaccines Won’t Help

  36. WHO (Finally) Admits PCR Tests Create False Positives

  37. What Vaccine Trials?

  38. Doctor Explains What Is Wrong With COVID-19 Case Counts

  39. Dr Clare Craig

  40. Human Experiments Continue

  41. Mutated COVID Virus Marketed to Justify New Lockdowns

  42. How COVID-19 Is Changing The Future Of Vaccines

  43. COVID Tests Gone Wild – An Epidemic Of False Positives

  44. MORE Evidence On Vitamin D

  45. Retired Doctor Of 44 Years Speaks On COVID-19

  46. 40 Year Board Certified Physician Speaks On COVID-19

  47. Vitamin D Use In The UK Study

  48. Lockdowns Do Not Work Study

  49. mRNA Vaccines May Prove Catastrophic In A Rushed Coronavirus Response

  50. Tyrants & Propaganda – The Year Of Disguises

  51. Lockdowns Are A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

  52. The Great Vaccine Scam

  53. Weak Lockdown Efficacy & Lockdown Harms

  54. Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc Reduce COVID-19 Deaths

  55. Fauci Admits Fatal Flaw Of PCR Test

  56. Vitamin D Reduces COVID Deaths By 64%

  57. PCR Test Revelations From Official Literature Exposes Their Own Lies

  58. COVID-19 Vaccine To Be Tested On 6 Year Olds

  59. Zuckerberg Has Doubts About The Vaccine