Great Britain is now bankrupt, morale & national self confidence is at a low not seen since the 1970s.

Managed decline, the main political party strategy since 1945 must be turned around. It is only possible with a serious radical reform agenda.

I outline a manifesto here which is perhaps too dramatic for some, but sooner or later these policies will have to be adopted whether we like it or not.  Indeed many are a return to successful policies of the past.

They are not in order of importance because they are interlinked.

The thrust is the fundamental belief that tax is theft & that the State is incapable of running a whelk stall & politicians  are by nature intellectually corrupt. Representative democracy has failed & common law abandoned.

Beyond defence of the realm & keeper of the King’s peace, the State should have no role in our lives.

If you think this manifesto is too robust almost everything has been proven good government policy at sometime historically. Especially under the government of Lord Salisbury in the late 1800s or the post war administration of Hong Kong. Two of the most successful economic  administrations in modern history.

  1. The national tax take should be limited by constitution to 10% of GDP
  2. Foreign policy should revert to the Castlereagh/Palmerstonian doctrine that there should be no naval or military interference globally unless Britain is directly threatened.
  3. Defence expenditure should be strictly limited to defence of the realm. Not the global projection of power.
  4. There must be no military alliances which have so harmed the nation in the past 200 years.
  5. Free trade with the world, tariffs are paid by consumers, unacceptable.
  6. State education has failed dismally, education should be the bailiwick of parents.
  7. State health services have failed disastrously. Responsibility for health is the individual’s & those of a philanthropic disposition. (This gave birth to the great teaching hospitals of yesteryear)
  8. The country’s police force is in total disarray. A major retraining programme must be instituted & the police must be depoliticized. Wokery must be stamped out. A reform of the whole management structure must done urgently.
  9. The civil service & quangocracy must be dramatically reduced by 80%
  10.  Universities must self fund.
  11. Tax:   VAT must be abolished. Income tax capped at a flat 15% starting at £40k pa. Marriage  allowances fully transferable. IHT Starts at £3 million & flat rate 5%
  12. Franchise:  Rates  (property tax) is paid only by property owners. It is only fair that the local government franchise is extended only to this group.
  13. Government waste can only be controlled with a return to an honest commitment to the concept of public money respect. Those few remaining in the public sector must forgo universal franchise whilst in office.
  14. Inflation proofing public sector pensions is immoral & must stop,
  15. Illegal immigrants in boats must be turned back by mobilization of the Royal Navy. Those who reach our shores must be imprisoned, those who facilitate it likewise.
  16. Citizen status can only be granted to legal immigrants who have an exemplary record of work here for three years.
  17. Everything should be done to encourage a restoration of the Mutals to combat welfare costs.
  18. Indiscriminate welfarism must be abandoned, it is the cancer in a nation’s soul. All fit people must be given work to restore self esteem & return the work habit. Canal restoration litter picking are an easy first step.
  19. Crime & punishment:  Non violent first offender prisons should be constructed, a return to society a priority. Recidivist criminals should  remain incarcerated permanently. (Three strikes & out)
  20. Disestablish the Welsh Assembly, the Scottish Parliament & the Mayoral system. Instigate another referendum for Scotland with an holistic franchise.
  21. Abandon the political party system, parliamentary candidates must be forbidden to form cartels. Candidates must stand on their merits at the hustings. Alliances can be formed post election in Parliament.  Second chamber can replace the lords selected from industry, law, armed forces for a fixed term. Successful businessmen only with entrepreneurial backgrounds.
  22. No parliamentarian should attend WEF or any other globalist conferences or commitments to them on pain of instant dismissal
  23. The Royal Family: Remove State sponsorship from the Royals & let them prosper from their own estates. Explain to both the King & Prince of Wales they are forbidden under the constitution to represent anyone but the British people. Association with any globalist institutions means compulsory abdication.
  24. Charities: Too much politicization of charities has been allowed. Construct a formula which ensure 90% of donations reach the stated objectives of the charity. Fat cat salaries must end. Government contributions to charities must also end.
  25. Disband the BBC, sell Ch 4.
  26. Never mandate compulsory health responses.
  27. End halal slaughter.
  28. Corporation tax 5%
  29. Abandon HSR2 permanently
  30. Booze & fuel duties 10% ceiling.
  31. Government sending money abroad for any reason should be a treasonable offence (Ukraine & foreign aid last year was £17 billion, almost totally unaudited)
  32. Free currency. Let the market decide which currency it prefers.
  33. Return to caveat emptor, bureaucratic regulation has failed. Let common & contract law prevail.

These radical policies would mean an overall tax reduction for the average family of 90%

It would mean you need nothing from the state, you could afford almost anything you need out of your own income.

Post war Hong Kong applied these methods & became the most successful economy in the world, WITH NO NATURAL RESOURCES except their people.

The alternative is a continued drift towards a global totalitarian state.

Credit to Going Postal for First Publishing & Editorial