The WEF is basically an organization run by Malthusian ideologues. Its goal is therefore is massive global population reduction, a terrifying concept when the oligarchs making policy control the World Health Organization in turn mandated by Western political leadership to dance to the tune of big pharma. What does that mean to you?

It means no longer is personal medication optional. It can be physically imposed by law.

Hitherto we have faced deception by politicians, NHS & MSM coupled with coercion. Dissent has been crushed, parliamentary oversight abandoned, excess deaths investigation ruthlessly stifled & social media censored. Expert independent analysis vilified or deplatformed.

What else comes with the WEF package?

The whole ghastly project, like Cerberus has many heads, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the International Panel on Climate Change.

In order to drive through its fascist agenda the golden rules of propaganda as formulated by Dr. Joseph Goebbels must be observed.

No dissent can be tolerated, appeal only to emotions, facts are irrelevant, draconian measures are for the benefit of the oppressed, perverted science is a valuable tool, naive celebrity endorsement is valuable, the greater the lie the more believable it is & constant repetition will make it eventually  received wisdom.

The WEF & its cohorts have taken control of the levers of power. Institutional & oligarchical wealth is today beyond imagination, so great is it anyone open to financial motivation can be bought, by definition this means 98% of western  politicians & bureaucrats.

Who & what are they?

The institutions are named above, but who are the perpetrators?

I expect you know, Bill Gates, George Soros, Rothschilds, Mark Zuckerberg, BlackRock, Vanguard, Jeff Bezos, Al Gore, John Kerry, the US Military industrial complex & Washington neo cons, The Rockefeller Foundation & many other smaller acolytes.

Most large charities, Oxfam, Roundtree, Friends of the Earth, World Wild Life Fund & scores more. They can be bought for just a few millions of dollars.

What else does the WEF promote?

To build the great ‘reset’, the ‘build back better’ the soundbite friendly buzzwords repeated endlessly for mass consumption.

The solution to the Malthusian hypothesis is we must deindustrialize, close down farms, eat insects, live in ghettos in our own cities, give up cars, foreign travel & personal liberties of every kind, all for the supposed common good.

Permanent war is helpful as are fake medical pandemics.

Who are Britain’s leading WEF agents ? Easily googled for their countless Davos & Bilderberg appearances

King Charles III, the Prince of Wales, Rishi Sunak, Jeremy Hunt, Keith Starmer, Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Justin Welby, Penny Mordant. The overseas element too many to mention here but Google WEF. This is no conspiracy theory because all WEF agents take pride in their association.

But the ‘Great Reset’ needs something much more to succeed than all this.

It must destroy the status quo. This is happening before your eyes.

Total degradation of the state education system, the forced division between parents & offspring, the dismantling of the Christian faith, open door immigration to destroy the indigenous population’s culture, abandonment of cash & destruction of financial  independence.

Constant undermining of British institutions, the principles of English Law, (hate crime, enabling acts, government by regulatory authorities, politicization of the police & military).

The promotion rather than tolerance of sexual deviation, the embedded acceptance of welfare dependency, the denial of factual science, the promotion of racial division, the relentless 100% portrayal of mixed marriages in TV commercials when the official number of such marriages  is 3%,  the denigration of British history by politicized  BBC historians, the list is endless.

We have seen in the last thirty years the political abandonment of conservatism, free speech & the disenfranchisement of the British white working class, the abrogation of Trade Union Responsibility.

We have endured thirty years of Royal sponsorship of climate emergency propaganda, so what will King Charles forgo?

Buckingham Palace ? High Grove? Balmoral? Windsor Castle?

The King’s Flight, his private motorcade?

Will he zoom instead of travel?

Will he honour his coronation oath & refuse to sub contract rule of the realm to foreign institutions?

Will oligarchs forgo private jets, their mansions, many on expensive  beach fronts?

Of course not. They mean YOU have to change, not them.

Yet all this is simply ignored by the electorate, local government electoral turn out is simply pitiful. Folks vote blue or red regardless of the muppets wearing the rosette. Flag wavers at the coronation have no idea what the King really represents. Unbelievably people still send the BBC money.

Perhaps we do indeed get the government we deserve?

Credit to Going Postal for First Publishing & Editorial