As I enter my seventy fifth year I ponder the most depressing decay of my country not dissimilar to the fall of the Roman Empire. Indeed like that empire it is totally self inflicted. The results of the failure of leadership, apathy & decadence of the people.

A country is as good or as bad as the institutions which are its foundations. Some of England’s institutions go back one thousand years, most are post the 1688  Restoration. In any event all have been infiltrated with a definite purpose of demolishing the country by stealth. Arguably a post war phenomenon.

I pick off our most important institutions in no particular order.

English Law

The principles of English Law can be traced to Anglo Saxon times. The most important being the concept of common law, natural justice delivered locally guided by prior experience.

The principle survived almost unblemished until the 1930s.

Justice was deemed to be what was considered fair by’the man on the Clapham Omnibus’.

Trial by jury & the presumption of innocence being sacrosanct.

Statute Law being enacted by a sovereign people through a constitutional monarchy & representative Parliament. Its  development is one thousand years old. It was The guiding light of the western world for hundreds of generations.

It was swept aside when the coronation oath became pure theatre & English government was ceded to European bureaucrats with the full connivance of the monarch, House of Lords & Commons. Enthusiastically embraced by the civil service. Laws came in to being with no parliamentary debate, cost benefit analysis or meaningful second chamber examination.

Add to this extraordinary state of affairs the relentless growth of the Quango, of which there are now 800, supported by parliamentary enabling acts granting plenipotentiary powers of enforcement. Presumption of innocence abandoned, trial by jury gone, appeals just a farce.

The Financial Conduct Authority devises its own rules, adjudicates on them with no independent appeals procedure, issues fines & keeps the proceeds !

A common theme with most regulatory bodies.

HMRC is now a law unto itself. The key to its power is the abandonment of the principles of innocence. You have to prove your innocence, they do no have to prove your guilt if any. The appeals procedure is administrated by Deep State. The ultimate receiver of any levied tax.

Moreover, even in criminal law the system is corrupt. The Crown Prosecution Service is politicized as is the Supreme Court. The concept of thought crime (hate crime) drives a coach & horses through the very bedrock of English Law.

Policing itself has been degraded, recruitment is for dumb downed personnel easily manipulated at political police colleges. University entrants are fast tracked with all the wokery baggage that goes with it.

Certain groups of society are protected whilst others persecuted. The most oppressed groups are traditional Christians & the white working class. Immigrants & recent first generation are treated absurdly leniently for horrendous crimes.

Nobody today could claim our legal system delivers what would be deemed to be fair by that man on the Clapham omnibus.

Anyone  remember habeas corpus?

Julian Assange?

A one way extradition treaty with the USA.

The corruption of English Law is shameful.

The Christian Faith

The Anglican & Catholic Church have abandoned their traditional conservative faithful. Wokery trumps the Bible, Anglican churches are empty, only a few bishops & cardinals are brave enough to resist.

His Holiness the Pope has made the Catholic faith a laughing stock, the Archbishop of Canterbury is clearly an agnostic. Only the Russian/Greek Orthodox Christian churches stand firm.

Modern western secular societies have lost any moral compass with the demise of Christianity, the vacuum is filled by fake climate science which is simply a belief system without moral integrity.


Parliament has abandoned the electorate. A representative system, first past the post has always been the weakest style of democracy but now even a pretence of representation has been abandoned. Net zero, crippling regulation & taxation, the manipulation of palpably bogus science, psyops & an electorate without even a semblance of a traditional education are permanent victims. Brussels has been replaced by the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, the UN, International Monetary Fund & Bank of International Settlements. We are no longer a self governing nation.


The educational system has all but collapsed. Both in the State & private sector. Denigration of British history is endemic in the curriculum as is fake science. A feather bedded public sector employment system has broken the budget with index linked pensions & wokery stalks the corridors of the public schools. More parents are turning to home education, with good reason. But without any tax or rates relief to ease the burden.

Universities offer almost nothing & charge a fortune. What better example than our leading university educated politicians? Cameron got a First at Oxford in PPE ! Not only could he not put a shelf up he can’t tell you the date of Magna Carta. What was the point of that three years apart from the boozing & networking.

The entire educational system is simply a box ticking exercise. No risk assessment training, critical thinking is actively discouraged the consequence is a usefully dumbed down pliable electorate.


One of our youngest institutions.

As a Boomer I was brought up on ‘Doctor in the House’ films, Dr. Finlay’s Case Book, Emergency  Ward 10 & such.

Big Pharma had not yet bought control of the system. Doctors took the Hippocratic oath seriously. Nursing was vocational. The Nuremberg Accord on compulsory medication was recent enough to be understood & abided by.

There was no such thing as a professional administrator in hospitals.

The matron, head surgeon & Dean ran the show.

In spite of the staggering £170 billion pumped in to the NHS it gets worse every year. Millions of middle class patients now go private but no tax relief help yet again.

The NHS costs £5000 per annum for every tax payer in the country. Ain’t a free health system wonderful.

The Monarchy

As a Boomer I am by nature & nurture a monarchist. I am the third generation of my family to hold the King’s/Queen’s commission.

The betrayal of King Charles III to his subjects beggars belief. A self confessed agent of the WEF there is no secret as to where his loyalties lie. It is to international globalist oligarchs & no apology. The Windsors are a dysfunctional family with no moral compass, arrogant & stupid like the Stuarts & will go the same way.

Shameful, I am not alone in this view.


Another young institution, governed by a serious charter with strong moral intent, has betrayed its noble heritage completely. Its reputation in shreds it is maintained only by the threat of imprisonment for those with a television who refuse the the money to pay the bloated salaries of executives & moronic presenters mounted on political hobby horses.

With a free view choice over 50 channels  this anachronism is simply criminal.

The Professions

The medical profession is at an all time nadir, the wilful cognitive dissonance associated with excess deaths by the medical profession is demoralizing & embarrassing.


Anybody with animals large or small will have seen the debasement of the veterinary in recent years.

What was a vocation is now just a fee raising game. The first question a vet asks is if the animal is insured. If so the fees are loaded on with a shovel. In the great lockdown scam vets simply hid themselves, as a small holder I know, I was in the thick of it. Remember All creatures Great & Small ?

Long gone. If you have a vocational vet he/she will be the exception.


You might be lucky, but the majority of Accountants simply regard themselves as HMRC debt collectors.

Their relationship with the tax man is more important than to the client.

The Armed Forces

Political correctness has replaced King’s Regulations. Crown exemption went out when EU law came in. LBGT propaganda is rife at the Horse Guards & Admiralty.

Promotion above Lt. Colonel is heavily politically vetted.

Which is why all modern generals look & sound retarded when threatening Russia.

So retention & recruitment suffer, not as bad yet as the US Army but getting there.

Moreover it is unlikely more than one fighting British army division could take the field. Pitiful. Probably though as well or this lunatic government would send it to The Ukraine or the Middle East.

The Civil Service

The civil service was heavily politicized by Blair along with the judiciary.

Brexit sabotaged, immigration at the Home Office administered by immigrants themselves, most divisions are not fit for purpose, unsackable & index linked they account

for £190 billion & rising. The overall national debt is well over £1.5  trillion. In the last ten years the civil service has grown by one hundred thousand, what on earth do they all do?

I have but mentioned a few, there are an estimated 800 quangos quietly burning your money.

All the big charities are politicized, their CEOs earn merchant banking salaries. Little of the money finds its way to the needful.

Don’t get me started on the National Trust & RNLI

Oh, by the way the £5 billion & poured into the war machine in Ukraine & £11 billion annual  overseas aid splurge could have brought the old age pension back to age 65 for our womenfolk, just saying.

Credit to Going Postal for First Publishing & Editorial