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Much has been written about the disastrous effect of experimental spike protein therapy on hitherto healthy young adults & children, much more will be when the slow exposure of the criminals involved get put under the microscope by a new Republican Congress or perhaps state prosecutors led by Florida. I shall leave that for another day.

I want to write about the trauma that lockdown caused to the British national psyche. Something I did not think possible as a baby boomer with RAF wartime parents, extended family & neighbour war service veterans.

I didn’t believe a nation that survived the blitz, V1s & 2s, three hundred thousand war dead could be cowed in to submission by politicians & scientists who resemble identikit pictures of child molesters on the run.  Or doctors, nurses & midwives who jabbed gullible citizens & their children with toxic experimental drugs & those who resisted sacked, no trade union support for them. That even now the cognitive dissonance of backbench MPs, NHS spokesmen, MSM could still sponsor a continuation of the great covid mythology.

Worse it turned citizens against their fellows for disagreement on the obvious  failures & absurdities of the scamdemic response. Arrows on the pavement, social distancing, masks, fourth booster jabs, myocarditis blamed on absolutely ANYTHING but experimental drugs.

Appallingly snitching on neighbours who saw through the scam ab initio & went their own way. The sort of sneaking we used to imagine was restricted to Jonny Foreigner.

In addition we suffered lockdown, loved it seems by most of the population, especially the public sector which it seems sat at home on full pay twiddling their thumbs & still do. All this cheered on by an hysterical MSM. TV presenters campaigned for ever stronger measures as they enjoyed exemption for themselves.

Those protesting were fined heavily & often manhandled by thuggish police enjoying almost unlimited power over their fellow citizens, powers still not rescinded, as politicians sponsored by WEF gangsters drove a coach & horses through the principles of English Law & constitutional  protection.

Moreover we are, as a nation, still counting the cost of fundamental changes in our attitudes to our fellow countrymen, their professions in particular. We have seen doctors abandon the hippocratic oath, midwives their commitment to the unborn, policemen the whole traditional concept of policing in Britain.  The public service broadcasting charter discarded, investigative journalism abandoned, social media censored ad absurdum.

Yet the electorate instead of rising up en masse to protest have morphed into eighteenth century Russian style serfdom.

Already sinister global institutions such as the WHO, UN, WEF & IMF are scheduling more of the same under the auspices of yet another great hoax, the climate emergency. Sponsored by the Royal family, Hollywood celebrities, fake scientists & a wee Swedish doom goblin with pushy communist parents. A new lockdown is being floated in Oxford, penning people in urban fields as if they were sheep.

Will people just simply comply? Or resist, take the number plates off your car, if we all stood together there is nothing they can do. Just say NO.

All this comes about with the connivance of the greatest failed institution after the NHS, the Anglican Church, which actually closed its doors throughout the whole sorry episode. Led by the vacuous Justin Welby, politicized bishops & Christian faith apologist appeasers who infest our empty churches with their trendy anti biblical heresy. Only in the last few days a woman was arrested for praying silently in a suburban street. A High Court judge supporting sex & gender teaching to four year olds.

The Anglican Church remains silent. Its ultimate leader, King Charles the Mad continues to abrogate his religious responsibilities whilst embracing globalist politics spurred by fake science. (See

Still I see gullible terrorized mask wearers, folk queueing for ever more intravenous filth peddled by big pharma, some with their children, deeply in need it seems of a clinical psychologist.

Restaurants & pubs that never reopened, hotels stuffed with illegal aliens brought ashore by government funded boats,  getting healthcare unavailable to those who fund it.

People freezing in their own homes brought about by suicidal net zero policies. A maniacal irrational government hatred of car drivers, small businesses, anyone with a Russian name & those who believe men are men & women are women. The scorn of the private jet set for ordinary folk flying to the sun for their annual holiday. The pretence that warm weather kills old people faster than cold. The list is endless.

But all is not lost. There are pockets of natural resistance. Our village Carol service & nativity play was attended by a record number of families in a barn organized by our wonderful church warden. A lady church reader who believes in God (I am unsure of our vicar) gave a short sermon totally apposite to the occasion.

We have a pub in town (Howden)  with a pint still under £3.50. The remarkable Tim Martin still selling a pint of well kept Ruddles Best in the Goole Wetherspoon a few miles away at £1.45p. & affordable food for the working family. (Where the hell is his knighthood or are they all reserved for celebrities who hate this country & are tax exiles anyway.)

Our 80 year old cleaning lady still working with cheerful good humour in spite of a nasty recent health diagnosis.

Some ex BBC & Sky producers are at last whistle blowing on government  propaganda & msm compliance.

Last but not least the finding of one of those under threat hotel oases reminiscent of better days in Britain, privately owned & staffed by locals, I discovered one recently, Scafell Hotel, Rosthwaite, buried deep in Borrowdale. Log fires in the public rooms, excellent food & ale at affordable prices. Christmas hospitality at its best.

How many of these charming hotel workers nationally have been replaced with SERCO thug minders ?

I am sure you all have your own enclaves of old England where common sense & good fellowship still hold sway, the rugby club Boxing Day game! The hunt meet in the rural town square, the pensioner’s Christmas Day turkey dinner, the village door to door Carol singers.

The cozy gentleman’s club foyer light glimpsed from the street, pure Atkinson Grimshaw.

We must band together & resist tyranny, we have done so before, our enemy is within. Neil Oliver believes as i do that there is a Deep State/WEF programme to dismantle globally the democratic institutions that constitute the sovereign state that protect our freedoms.

Mass immigration & forever wars are not an accident.

Inflation is a government phenomenon brought about by out of control public spending & money printing.

£billions sent abroad with no audit trail, grandiose public projects nobody wants, politicians who ignore us at best hate us at worst.

So what does the new year hold?

Well, that’s up to us isn’t it ?

Just say NO.

Start by cancelling your BBC payment.

Credit to Going Postal for First Publishing & Editorial