I got an email this morning from a follower, an NHS worker – give their email a read and let me know what you think. Name is omitted.

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Dear Mr Bloom, 

I work in the NHS. As a result I’m quite used to being ostracised for having the temerity to express freedom of thought, or suggesting voting anything other than Labour. I’m used to being told I’m “guilty” for being white in official emails. I’m used to our history being destroyed (when the statues were pulled down) being described as “beautiful” by the union. Through all this nonsense, I’ve become used to having to keep my mouth shut (although quitting the union). I watched your recent vaccine video with interest.

The COVID vaccine is getting towards a step too far, especially as I’m certain I’ll be pressured into having it. HR did not like it when someone asked “what are the implications for our jobs if we don’t have it?” Interestingly, all the people I have spoken to who are into research and capable of thinking for themselves have come to the same conclusions as me, totally independently of each other.

I have attached a couple of articles below, which I suggest you read. They do strike me as possible paid pieces by US pharma, but the questions they pose are very valid. We have mRNA vaccines, which are a new technique. This appears to have been rushed through, capitalising on the crisis to get real world data with a new type of vaccine.



The Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine is a more traditional type of vaccine, is more stable and is the one I would choose (the NHS clearly won’t give you a choice) but the research is of utterly shocking quality. That an experienced and world renowned research institution and a large drug company could make these mistakes is utterly terrifying. I have worked in research and these mistakes should not have happened in a properly designed and executed study.

It is possible to establish from these articles that the side effects of vaccination are significant. This isn’t ususual, some vaccines do make you feel ill for a bit. But these are such that ~80% of the recipients said that they would have their day to day activities interrupted after the second shot. The experience of someone who was part of the trial supports this, saying he felt as though he was dying (probably an exaggeration) with fever, aching, nausea, etc. People need to know they may be unable to work (job depending) after the shot. We need to be informed properly about what the research is saying. We are told to shut up and trust them. And then shouted at as if we are morons, accused of trying to kill granny.

We need an honest conversation as a nation, but they are glossing over this stuff with the phrase “only mild side effects”, going on to test these things on our elderly and sick. The people least able to cope with such side effects. It’s as if they are trying to clear out the nursing homes. People need to be informed and give proper, informed consent. I suspect this part may be missing.