Hi Godders.
Just been talking to a friend about mRNA vaccine dangers and he pointed out some things you might be able to use.
He’s spent his life in research and has more published papers than you can shake a stick at. He’s also been consulted by German government labs on covid issues.

He says:

“I only found out last week that with the mRNA vaccines they substituted ALL of the uridine residues in the spike protein mRNA with 1-methyl-3′-pseudouridylyl. Normally, RNA consists of combinations of 4 nucleosides, uridine, adenosine, cytidine and guanosine. Ostensibly the psuedouridine is supposed to enhance translation & reduce immunogenicity of a ‘foreign’ RNA species (PMID: 18797453). However, in a recent paper published in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci in 2019, they showed that pseudouridinylation of mRNA coding sequences alters translation (https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1821754116).

They found that the substitution of pseudouridine increases the occurrence of amino acid substitutions, as well as impeding translation elongation. This means that when the mRNA in the vaccine in translated into protein, you could be getting all sorts of unknown variants of the spike protein being made in the cell, with totally unknown effects.

Plus, when the mRNA for spike is broken down in the cell to individual bases (average turnover time for mammlian mRNA is in the order of a few minutes to days) the 1-methyl-3′-pseudouridyly could subsequently become incorporated into other ‘normal’ mRNAs being made by the cell (via salvage pathways) causing all sorts of unknown effects… Its a really terrifying the lack of forethought, and it is basically random genetic engineering of the almost entire population of humanity…

Also I should mention that the methyl pseudouridine obviously contains an extra methyl group, the PNAS publication did not test the pseudouridine with the extra methyl group, but im my opinion I doubt an extra CH3 group will make any difference to its effect on mis-incorporation of bases, and anyway that hasn’t even been considered with the mRNA vaccine…”


Now I understand this may be quite complex to understand, even to the intelligent layman, so please let me try to elaborate.

So for some basic background: DNA, RNA and mRNA are components of our genetic material. If you recall the common image of DNA, it is like a twisted ladder. The ‘steps’ in the ladder are made up of ‘Nucleotides’, these are simple proteins. The order and combinations of these Nucelotides dictate or ‘code for’ what is made by the cell, more specifically, which proteins are created by the cell.

Different combinations of Nucleotides will therefore produce different proteins in our body. Many things in our body are made from proteins, from hormones to Antibodies. The process of converting DNA to proteins is known as ‘Translation’. For simplicity, let us assume DNA, RNA and mRNA all work like this on a basic level.

What the first & seconds paragraphs are then saying is that the mRNA in the vaccine contains a ‘fake’ (psuedo) version of one of the Nucleotides that is supposed to be there. This is not necessarily bad – as he then says this was thought to enhance translation, i.e. improve the process of converting mRNA to the desired proteins in the body. But the paper he then links suggests that this actually changes which proteins are produced from the mRNA. This produces unknown or undesired proteins in the body, of the which the effects are unknown.

The third paragraph then takes this one step further; when the injected mRNA is broken down in the body. It could become part of existing mRNA or remain as part-mRNA. This mRNA could then be used once again to produce proteins via translation. The potential effects of which have been totally ignored.