Received In My Email Inbox:

Friends, My son’s father-in-law is a recently retired physician of forty-four years. He keeps up with all the Covid-19 claims. Here is a brief summary that he sent me recently.

Covid, like influenza, is a deadly disease to some people, but mainly a nuisance to the majority of those who contract it.  Serologic surveillance studies at Stanford and elsewhere have shown that up to 5 x as many people as are detected by testing have had the virus w/o symptoms or signs (by antibody positivity). 

The WHO recommends against lockdowns, and all collected graphical data so far has shown no effect of lockdowns on suppressing the spread of the infection.  Herd immunity to infectious disease in the modern era is always due to a combination of natural infection AND vaccination when available. 

Multiple medical scientists have indicated that we should protect the vulnerable (those over 65 and with SIGNIFICANT comorbidities) and otherwise release the general public with appropriate constant advice regarding handwashing and social distancing. 

Masks have been shown not to be especially effective, unless they are simply a behavioural signal to modify social and self-facial contact.  Meanwhile no one is studying antibody status before giving vaccination, nor reporting whether person to person contact is the result of social contact or household contact;  lockdown and winter seem to increase the rate of infection when people are forced to stay indoors and together, not necessarily just because we are being “irresponsible” and insisting on travel. 

No significant data has been presented to show common or widespread transmission of the virus on airline flights.  No significant data has been presented to show transmission from outdoor dining.  Or from indoor dining for that matter.  

The lockdown has induced what will become another Great Recession, or possibly Depression, which may be followed by hyperinflation given the huge increase in fiat money supply.  Also there will be noticeable increase in morbidity and mortality due to delayed/abandoned medical screening/therapies, as well as deaths due to social despair.