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Hi Godfrey

Propaganda update.

We had a senior nurse manager from York District Hospital round yesterday. His partner is also senior NHS Manager.

I asked him how bad it really is at the hospital, were they stepping over bodies in the corridor? I pointed out to him I still don’t know anyone who has been ill with COVID, 9 months after the beginning of the ‘pandemic’. His reply;

I’m not surprised YOU don’t know anyone, I work in a f****** hospital and I don’t know anyone who has been ill due to COVID. If the Governments of the world hadn’t mentioned COVID the NHS wouldn’t have even noticed it, we’ve had the quietest year I can remember, we’ve had nothing to do all year!

96+% of people are asymptomatic and have little or no symptoms. The few they have had that were really poorly all had major underlying health problems that were made worse by COVID but a common cold would have created the same problems.

He can’t for the life in him work out why we have all been through the restrictions for a virus that affects no one. Ebola, now that’s a virus he said, you don’t have to create fear about that virus it can scare the living daylights out of anyone who sees it in action!!

A colleague in another hospital has spoken out in a similar way as she was sick of the lies on TV and is now suspended from work. Are we living in North Korea!!

Kind regards…


The real statistics:

Last 7 days numbers:

·         100,857 people tested positive
·         3085 deaths from anything and where they had tested positive with the last 28 days (Government just making things up really)

Over 96% of people are asymptomatic (no symptoms to covid), so the 100,857 becomes 4034 people who knew they had it! Of these 4034 only 40 people would have got ill for a few days, 5 people per day!

The 3085 deaths no one will ever know the truth. But if you take it that only 40 people out of every 101,000 positive tests feels any symptoms then you can bet no one died OF COVID!

The national debt currently stands at nearly 2.5 trillion and is going up by £5170.00 per second, yes that’s per second or £310,200.00 per minute!!

And we are all still subject to massive restrictions on how we can live and work  – WHY?

Video on this soon.

Thank you for reading.